marketing assignment


The final marketing plan is a presentation, not a paper.  In this assignment, students will compile the assignments from weeks 2-7 into a marketing plan presentation. Students may have to edit their weekly assignments so that they reflect their final marketing plan in this presentation.


  • Prepare a screencast or Kaltura of your presentation. Standalone PowerPoints, Google Slide, ArcGIS Story Map, or Prezis with embedded speech (little speakers), or any app that requires the audience to click or advance the frame to hear the presentation, are not acceptable presentation formats.  The required presentation format is a voiceover. It must run continuously, like a movie.
  • You may convert the screencast/Kaltura to YouTube if desired.
  • Post the link into the assignment submission portal for grading AND to the 8.1 discussion forum. Both are required to obtain points for this assignment.
  • Test the links to be sure they work — either as a hyperlink or if it is copied/pasted into a browser. 
  • You must post your presentation in both the assignment portal AND as a main post in the week 8 discussion forum.
  • Review four classmates presentations as described in the discussion forum prompt. Note the due dates of this discussion forum.  No late posts, no exceptions.


  • Create up to approximately 10 slides* (can be PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides or ArcGIS Story Map) for a max ten-minute presentation. Plan one slide for each assignment plus a cover slide. Create a voiceover presentation in Screencast, Kaltura or another voiceover app.
  • Create a set of slides that list your references and place them at the end of your presentation.  Be sure to show the reference slides in your presentation but do not present them verbally.  The objective is to show that your presentation is grounded in evidence and is data-driven. This may require some formatting magic, so its OK if your font is smaller on the reference slides.  The slide count may increase as a result. 
  • Use APA format.
  • Order the presentation according to the assignment number.
  • Make sure that you use a readable typeface and background.
  • Do not cut and paste the assignments from the class directly into the presentation.  Use the graphics and narratives created as appropriate in the presentation.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion.
  • This is a professional presentation it must be professional in look and feel
  • The “audience” for your presentation is the Chief Marketing Officer.


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