In this assignment, you will provide an in-depth analysis on a brand with a retail presence of your choice. The brand must be from a global company which is either:

  • Publicly traded
  • Must have retail stores

Companies which do not meet either criteria are not allowed.

This assignment has two primary components: 

#1 Experiential Analyses (single-spaced, 3-4 pages)

Here, you will need to download the experiential audit sheet

You will use this to analyze the brand along the lines of in-person, physical retail experiences. You must visit a retail location in person to do the analysis. If you are a virtual student in a region of lockdown, please do so from memory and by finding videos of the retail location on youtube or the companies website.

You must upload the audit sheet itself. The audit is simply a note taking tool to help you write the report. We want to see what you put in the audit but please don’t complete it out as if it is a report. 

In addition to the audit, you will also include a brief (3-4 page) report on this analysis, with your insights and observations. This should addresses the following questions:

  • What does your brand do especially well? 
  • For ONLY  in-person experience, what can it improve upon, and how? 

Please also feel free to include any other interesting observations or insights which came from this analysis. 

#2 Neuromarketing Recommendations (single-spaced, 3-4 pages)

In this second section, you will make an informed recommendation to this brands leadership on how they can improve, utilizing insights from the field of neuromarketing. This section is open-ended and does not  need to relate to the previous section on experiential design audit. Please use neuromarketing insights from any topic in the book, or from lecture.

More specifically, this section will be an informed pitch for how and why to apply specific neuromarketing phenomena to this brand. You need to include at least two distinct neuromarketing phenomena (e.g. violation of expectation, numbing the pain of paying, neural coupling, mere exposure effect, etc.) discussed in class and included in the book.

For each of these two phenomena, you should include:

  1. A description of this phenomenon that can be understood by an audience without a strong scientific background. 
  2. How specifically, this phenomenon should be incorporated into the company in order to improve the brand

Overall note for this assignment:

Whereas the Experiential Analysis is primarily descriptive, The Neuromarketing Recommendations should represent a persuasive pitch to the executive leadership of the company that acting on these neuromarketing concepts would improve the brand and company.


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