Writing an Inquiry E-mail and a Business Letter

Writing an Inquiry E-mail and a Business Letter

You should have completed your research on Native Americans using the Minnesota (or your state’s) Historical Society and the Smithsonian Institute websites. When conducting research, you may not find all the information you are looking for on the Internet. In this case, you will need to ask for more information.
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will:
Compose an e-mail asking for further information
Write a thank you letter in business format giving appreciation for any help received
You will not be sending this e-mail or letter, but you must use the proper format and tone for the audience. Submit both the e-mail and business letter in the same file, not in two separate files.
What is the purpose of this assignment?
Using formal language and specific writing formats will help you in acquiring information during your academic and work life. You will choose words to support your formal tone and purpose and use an appropriate format for writing an e-mail and business letter
What are the requirements of this assignment?
Part I
Write an inquiry e-mail either to a state historical society or the Smithsonian Institute. In this e-mail, you will:
Summarize the information you found on the website and how it was interesting or helpful to your search for information on Native Americans
Explain why you were viewing the information on the website and how it was helpful to your purpose
Request more information on something specifically related to Native Americans.
Thank the person and sign with your first and last name
Your goal is to have the librarian/historian respond to your request. Think of at least three questions you have after viewing either website. What do you still not know? What did you learn and would like to know further? Do they have more information on anything? You only have to create the questions, not answer them. These questions should start with words such as “how,” “why,” or “please explain” to get a more detailed response.
You will not actually send this e-mail to the librarian unless you would like to do so. But it does have to be included in this assignment along with the business thank you letter.
Part II
Write a thank you letter using business format.
It is common to send thank you letters to businesses or organizations instead of e-mails. These letters are often shared with others, posted, or kept in a file for when a person is evaluated.
Pretend the librarian has answered your inquiry e-mail. Send a formal, business thank you letter to him/her. In your letter:
Express appreciation for the prompt response
Reiterate your questions and that you appreciated the time it took to answer them
Compliment several aspects of the website’s information and how it was helpful to your specific purpose
You will use business letter format. You may choose block, modified block, or semi-block style. Be sure to follow the format and include all components of the letter. Submit both the e-mail and the business letter in the same file for grading. You will upload only one document.





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