What was the Wade Davis Bill?

What was the Wade Davis Bill?

2. What were the Black Codes?
3. What was the Radical Reconstruction Act of 1867?
4. What was the significance of the 14th and 15th amendments?
5. Over what issues did Johnson and Congress clash? What measures and policies emerged from that conflict?


6. What was sharecropping?
7. What was peonage?
8. What were scalawags and carpegbaggers?
9. What was the political crisis of 1877, and what were its consequences for Reconstruction?
10. What was grantism?


1. What was the function of the protective tariff?
2. What were the importance and problem with greenbacks?
3. How did the post Civil War nation’s economic goals shape its foreign policy?
4. What was the importance of the Comstock Lode?
5. Who were Exodusters?
6. What prompted the U.S. govt. to set aside natural reserves such as Yellowstone? What were the results of that policy?
7. What was assimilation?
8. What was the Dawes Severalty Act?
9. What were the last acts of native peoples’ armed resistance? What were the consequences of that resistance?


1. What was vertical integration?
2. What was horizontal integration?
3. What was mass production?
4. What was scientific management?
5. Who were the Knights of Labor?
6. What was the Cooperative Alliance?


1. How did the rise of the high school change the face of American education?
2. What changes, at this time, were there in African American education?
3. What was “america’s game”?
4. What role did sports play in the redefinition of masculine identities? How did sports reflect the racial and economic divisions of the era?
5. What was temperance?
6. How did America’s expanding consumer culture change women’s lives?
7. What was eugenics?
8. What was fundamentalism and what did it do to protestantism in the u.s.?


1. Who was Clarence Darrow?
2. What was Vaudeville?
3. What was Ragtime?
4. Who were muckrakers?
5. What economic and technological factors shaped the development of cities and urban life after 1860? How were the new cities different from the typical city before 1860?
6. What role did political machines play in city government? Do you think they served the goals of representative democracy? Why, or why not?
7. What was white slavery?
8. What were the goals of the founders of social settlements? How did those goals evolve, and what roles did settlements play in their communities?
9. What effect did the Triangle fire have on politics? Why do you think its impact was so wide-ranging?


1. What was the spoils system?
2. What was populism?
3. What was the “solid south”?
4. Describe the phenomenon of Jim Crow.
5. What was Muller v. Oregon?
6. What was Plessy v. Ferguson?
7. ow did the economic crisis of the 1890s shape American politics?


1. What was American exceptionalism?
2. What economic and intellectual factors promoted U.s. Imperialism in the late 19th century?
3. What factors combined to precipitate the U.S. war with Spain in 1898, and then with Filipinos who resisted U.S. rule of their islands? What controversies at home did the war provoke?
4. How did Japan challenge the influence of European powers and the U.S. in Asia? How did U.S. policymakers respond?
5. What was the significance of the Lusitania?
6. What was the Zimmerman Telegram?
7. What were the causes of World War I, and how did the war progress on the Western Front?
8. What role did the U.S. hope to play as a neutral power? What factors undercut that neutrality? Why did it finally enter the war?
9. In what ways did the war transform the economy, society, and politics of the U.S.?
10. What were the flaws of the Treaty of Versailles? To what extent did Wilson succeed in influencing the development of the treaty?
11. What factors led to the treaty’s rejection by the U.S. senate?


1. Discuss the Chicago Race Riot.
2. What were the “palmer raids”?
3. Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
4. What was “dollar diplomacy”?
5. What was nativism?
6. Discuss the new KKK.
7. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
8. Who was Marcus Garvey?


1. What was social welfare liberalism?
2. How did Pres. Hoover respond to the economic emergency? Why did he choose the course of action he did?
3. What were the main programs of the New Deal’s Hundred Days? What were their goals? How were they different from reforms in the early decades of the century?
4. Describe Keynesian economic policies. How important were they to the New Deal?
5. What was the “dust bowl”?


1. Why did the U.S. wait until 1941, after nearly every European nation had fallen to Germany, to enter WWII? What were the sources of American political isolationism?
2. Did Roosevelt maneuver the nation into war? Could war have been avoided?
3. What impact did war mobilization have on women, racial minorities, and organized labor?
4. What were the zoot suit riots?
5. Describe japanese removal.
6. What was D DAY?
7. What was the Manhattan Project?


1. What was containment?
2. What was the Loyalty-Security Program?
3. What was the HUAC?
4. What was the New Frontier?


1. How did the American economy benefit from WWII and the Cold War?
2. What were the major factors in the expansion of the middle class in these decades?
3. What was the relationship between consumer culture and the emphasis on family life in the postwar era?
4. In what ways did the federal government shape postwar suburbanization?
5. In what sense was the U.S. “two nations”?
6. Who was Kinsey?
7. What was the importance of Griswold v. Connecticut?
8. What were the cultural expectations of men and women in the 1950s? How had they changed from the 1920s? The 1930s?

1. Discuss Brown v. Board of Education.
2. Who was Ella Baker?
3. What was Freedom Summer?
4. What was the Black Panther Party?
5. What was the American Indian Movement?


1. What was the “great society”?
2. What was the Gulf of Tonkin?
3. Who was Betty Friedan?
4. Why did Pres. Johnson suffer a “credibility gap” over Vietnam?
5. What was the Tet Offensive?
6. Who was George Wallace?
7. What was the My Lai Massacre?
8. Discuss watergate.


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