What factors contributed to the development of the Venetian altarpiece between 1460-1505?

What factors contributed to the development of the Venetian altarpiece between 1460-1505?
The focus on the essay must based between 1460-1505.

The essay is to be based on Venetian art during the Renaissance.
Need some sort of introduction about venice during this period and it emergence of altarpieces.
Needs some sort of explanation as to Why altarpieces were important in this particular period?
Who commissioned the altarpieces and who funded them and from what schools or councils?
Include factors for altarpieces such as Wealth of Venice,works of Bellini, Vivarini, Messina, Giorgione, Cima, polytichs and triptychs, narrative altarpieces
My particular interest of this period and works are works of Bellini, Vivarini, and Cima.
Examples I would like to be used:

Bellini – san zacceria altarpiece 1505 and s. giobbe – frari

Bellini – triptych – santa mari gloriosa de fran chapel of Pesaro of san benetto and Vivarini – triptych – bernardo

Bellini – sacra conversazione – s.s Giovanni ei paolo

Bellini – baptism of Christ – cima – baptism of Christ
Relationships between those by identifying prices, size, amount, for whom, narrative, symbolic, material, colour, use of space, perspective, use of the Madonna and the donors
I want to emphasize on the new emergence of creating Madonna as the central figure as a main factor to worshiping altarpieces and focusing by ending the note on san zacceria altarpiece.
As an argument or discussion, this is the part i struggled to establish, but I do take Vivarini and Bellini’s altarpieces a much more larger contribution and factor to this particular period and feel that Bellini was making big changes for the better in Venice. If this could be used in the discussion in comparison to the other artists I have mentioned and examples I mentioned then i think the essay will come together, but I will leave the ball in your court and make changes and suggestion as you go along so the essay has its own informed voice, critical analysis and academic writing

Referencing Requirements:
referencing is to be foot-noted per every reference used in the essay, it is important that is done in this style (like foot notes in Microsoft Word). These are reference sources I researched to use in this essay. I am particularly interested in Peter Humfrey’s writings.
Sources I want included, you are welcome to substitute or add more sources as I am limited on my end:

Fletcher, Jennifer & Pullan, Brian S. & chambers, David – Venice: A Documentary History 1450-1630 – University of Toronto – 2001

Brown, Patricia Fortini – The Renaissance in Venice: a world apart – Weidenfeld & Nicolson – 1997

Godden, R. – Piety and Patronage in Renaissance Venice: Bellini, Titian and the Franciscans – Yale University Press – 1986

Huse, Norbert – The Art of Renaissance Venice: architecture, sculpture, and painting 1460-1590 – University Chicago Press – 1990

Meilman, Patricia – Titian and the Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice – Cambridge University Press – 2000

Berenson, Bernard – The Study and Criticism of Italian art – London: G Bell – 1916

Humfrey, Peter – The Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice – Yale University Press – 1993




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