view of the media


1. How has taking this class shaped your view of the media? How has it changed the way you process what you see and hear online, on tv, on the radio? <p>

Reflect on your high school self. What have you learned in this class that would change perceptions you held as a teenager? <p>

2. Choose one discussion from 2-9 and expand your answer to 250 words. You may reuse your previous work or you may choose to answer in a different way. <p>
3. Track your hours of social media usage for one week. This includes email, chat, text, twitter, facebook, foursquare, group gaming- you name it. Do not include non-social media use such as web-browsing or solo video games. <p>

During the same week, track your hours of human-to-human interaction. Include all time spent interacting with other for pleasure or school or work. Include face-to-face time as well as time on the phone.<p>

You will receive 25 points for completing this log. Your log should record each day of the week and the number of hours spent interaction virtually and actually.<p>
4. Utilize the log to reflect upon your usage of social media. Are the numbers shocking to you? Why or why not?<p>

Our text suggests that use of social media increases social alienation, depression and loneliness. Do you agree with these findings? Why or why not? Do you think the answer depends on the individual? Cite your log, as well as your text, in your answer.

this is one of the discussions
the questions is :
I have been watching this show, Portlandia, on IFC. It is a sketch comedy of sorts, poking fun at thirtysomething Gen-Xers. In other words, I can relate.

This particular sketch hit a little too close to home.

For this discussion, watch the following clip and respond by outlining the pros and cons of being as connected as much and as often as we are.

I’m writing this on my laptop, in the living room. I’m playing Cyberchase on demand for my son, checking email on my iPad and checking texts and twitter on my phone. Technology loop? I think so!

the answer is:
The world is simply small and with technology it has become smaller. Everyone is under the affect of the wifi technology connection. I, for example right now I am typing on my computer, texting with my iPhone, watching television , and listening to music with my iPod. Technology, like any other thing has some pros and cons.
Technology has made people more connected to each other specially with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Skyping as well made video calls very simple even if it’s international. Friends and families can share any thoughts, pictures, videos,,etc around the world within seconds. Although technology has made the world simple and more connected, it has also more complicated. For example, people do not visit each other like they did before technology. Also people do not communicate with each other very well. When you are with friends or at class, you can see many people are using cell phones or iPads watching movies or texting or playing games. Technology also has make people have less privacy. For example, anyone can see any profile and know alot of information about that person.

The book : Sparks, G. G. (2013). Media effects research: A basic overview (4th edition). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


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