University of Delaware


Management and Organizational Behavior
Course Description
The course will focus on individuals and groups in organizations. We will discuss the concepts of diversity, corporate culture, personality, motivation, power, conflict, communication and group behavior, etc. Each unit will give you the theory and the skills to better understand yourself and others. In addition, you will grasp the impact of people strategies on organizational effectiveness and tools/techniques to support team effectiveness and help people reach maximum potential.

Course Objectives
The following course objectives will be achieved by the end of the term. Each student will:
• Understand the environmental context in which organizational change takes place.
• Comprehend the issues relevant to individual and group behavior in organizations.
• Understand the people strategies involved in effective management practices.
• Describe the organizational issues and possible solutions.
Each student should take responsibility for achieving course objectives.
Teaching Approach
The teaching approach for this course will include:
• Lecture
• Text review
• Interactive Exercises
• Individual Participation
• Team Participation
Materials include the course text Organizational Behavior and outside sources. Students are responsible for reading and understanding all materials assigned in the text, even if not covered in class.

Classroom Participation
Individual participation-each student is expected to read all assigned information before each class session. In addition, students are expected to participate in discussions and activities that will enhance understanding of course concepts.

Team Participation-Student will work in teams throughout the course, discussing case studies, course concepts, recommending solutions and presenting them to the rest of the class.

Classroom participation, including attendance, will contribute to your final course grade. You cannot participate if you are not in class.

Outside Readings
Students are required to complete one outside reading assignment on a topic pertaining to course material. The article should be substantive and address a topic involved in Management and Organizational Behavior. The topic should take place in a real company so it demonstrates how the concept works (or doesn’t work) in an organizational setting. This is not a current events or marketing presentation and should not be a report on a new product or concept. The purpose is to present/expand on a topic that is related to course material and will enhance the knowledge of fellow students. Example of an effective topic: Diversity at Citigroup. Ineffective example: Components of Diversity program.
Each student is expected to present:
? A summary of the article including key content points
? Your reaction to the topic
? Why you selected the article
? The connection to the course
? Why it’s important to today’s organizations
Students should demonstrate critical thinking when analyzing their article.
A copy of the article should be provided to the instructor. Students should cover all of the above points thoroughly to maximize their outside reading grade.

Term Paper
Each student will complete a reflection paper of 6-8 fully typed double spaced pages (font 12) on a relevant topic of your choice. The topic should be connected to your experiences in class, on campus, work situations, etc. and should be detailed in the paper. Four different outside references are required and a full bibliography is expected and should not be counted as part of the 6-8 pages.

Grade for this paper is based on the individual’s understanding of the topic and how well it’s communicated in the paper. Considerations include: 1) clarity of content 2) effectiveness of writing mechanics 3) depth of insight and reflection 4) inclusion of experiences to emphasize key points (can be personal or professional).

Case Study Analysis and Presentation
Each student will be assigned to a group for a case study analysis and presentation assignment. Each group is required to review their assigned case and include the following in their analysis and presentation:

? Define the problem(s)
? Identify the key symptoms-how does the problem show up?
? List possible solutions with pros and cons of each. Groups should include solutions not specified in the case study and expand on the pros and cons of each solution included in the information.
? Select best solution (s) and detail your rationale.
? Identify what course concepts connect to this case
? Identify how you will measure the impact of your solution(s).

Each group will be allotted twenty minutes to present their case to the remainder of the class. A 4-5 page double spaced paper will be submitted to the instructor by each group on the night of the presentation along with a
copy of the powerpoint presentation. The paper should summarize the above information and include the group’s critical thinking and should not be just a regurgitation of the case study data. No outside information may be used, (no internet) only the information in the case.

Each group member must play an active role in the analysis and live presentation of the case. Problems within groups should be resolved by group members. If not successful, group members should let the instructor know in a timely manner (not the class before presentation night).

Class Confidentiality
At times, class discussions may move in a direction that may be sensitive to you or your colleagues. Please retain the confidentiality of information, “What is said in class, stays in the classroom.” By respecting this group principle, discussions may be more engaging, honest and realistic.

It is imperative that students attend class. Your participation is important to discussions, group activities, etc. Unless an absence is truly unavoidable, you are expected to be in class. Missing classes will lower your participation grade. Please notify the instructor if you will not be attending class at

UD Experiment Participation
Students are required to earn two research participation credits during the semester. The instructor will distribute a handout with information on how to sign up and the schedule of experiments. Please do not ignore this requirement as your final grade will be withheld (university policy) and it will impact your ability to obtain internships.

The following grading system will determine the final course grade.
93-100 A
90-92 A-
87-89 B+
83-86 B
80-82 B-
77-79 C+
73-76 C
70-72 C-
67-69 D+
60-66 D
59 F

Graded Assignments


Classroom Participation 10%
Outside Reading Presentation 10%
Term Paper 20%
Case Study Group Project 20%
Exams-2 40%

TOTAL 100%
Honesty Policy
Violating the Academic Honesty Policy will result in serious consequences that will impact your grade and success at UD. The University of Delaware Academic Honesty Policy is strictly enforced.

2012 Class Schedule MONDAYS 6:00-8:45pm 102 GORE HALL
1 9-10 Introduction to Management and Org. Management History Chapters 1 and 2
2 9-17 Management Foundations of Planning and Controlling Chapter 3
Chapter 4 4 Outside Presentations
Case Project Planning
3 9-24 Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Chapter 5
5 Outside Presentations

4 10-1 Personality and Values
Chapter 6 5 Outside Presentations
5 10-8 Perceptions and Decision Making Chapter 7 5 Outside Presentations
6 10-15 Exam #1- Chapters 1-7
5 Outside Presentations
7 10-22 Motivation Chapters 8 and 9 5 Outside Readings
8 10-29 Teams Chapter 10 4 Outside Readings
Case Study Presentations (3)
9 11-5 Communication
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 4 outside reading presentations
Case Study Presentations (3)
10 11-12 Power and Conflict Chapter 13 4 outside reading presentations
Case Study Presentations (3)
11 11-19 Organizational Structure and Design
Culture Chapter 14
Chapter 15 4 Outside reading presentations
Case Study Presentations (3)
12 11-26 Management change and Innovation Chapter 16 7 Outside presentations
Case Study Presentations (3)
13 12-3


8-26-12 4 Outside presentations
EXAM #2 Chapters 8-16
Term Papers



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