Select a subject that you think would be appropriate for a college-level research essay.

Select a subject that you think would be appropriate for a college-level research essay.

2.Find three college-level research sources for this topic. Create a correctly formatted MLA works cited page using these three sources.
3.Copy and paste a paragraph from one of your sources into your research project, then paraphrase that paragraph in a manner that demonstrates your understanding of close paraphrase plagiarism.
4.Using at least one of your sources, write three different sentences using quotes and cite them correctly (in-text citations).
5.Using at least one of your sources, write three sentences using indirect quotes and cite them correctly (in-text citations).
6.Write a paragraph paraphrasing one of your sources and include some of your own commentary. Use correct in-text citations.
7.Answer the following questions:
a.When writing a paraphrase, you might be cited for close paraphrase plagiarism if your paraphrase is more than ____% identical/nearly identical to the original text.
b.You should not have more than ___% quotes in a research essay.
c.Ideally, a research essay should have ___ to ___% quotes.
d.What are the potential penalties for the first, second, and third offenses of plagiarism?

Portfolio project information:
1.Select four pages of your writing from this semester. You may use essays from other classes. The pages must be projects that were turned in for grades, not notes or other such items.
2.Write Writing Assessment 1. With a critical eye, write at least a paragraph (5-9 sentences) discussing issues in your writing sample that you wish to improve upon. Then, write a paragraph (5-9 sentences) discussing elements you think you did well on in your writing sample. Your assessment should also include why you chose these pages; this can be separate paragraph or integrated into the discussions listed above. This will be graded as Writing Assessment 1.
3.Select 1.5 pages from your writing sample. The sample should be continuous text and not taken from various essays. Using the skills you have gained this term, your instructor’s input on your writing, and, if you choose, the Writing Center, revise this sample to make it the best it could possibly be. This 1.5 page sample will be grade according to the elements listed in your syllabus and copied below.
4.Write Writing Assessment 2. Discuss why you selected the 1.5 pages you did. Discuss what revisions you made and why. BE SPECIFIC AND GIVE EXAMPLES! Discuss areas you feel still need improvement and create a plan to accomplish those elements. This should be at least one paragraph (5-9 sentences) and will be graded as Writing Assessment 2.

Elements that must appear (with minimum competency of a “B”) in the portfolio:
•Write paragraphs effectively. Paragraphs should communicate all necessary information to the reader and show unity, development, and flow.
•Develop these essays using paragraphs with topic sentences and adequate supporting detail
•Recognize and correct sentence level grammatical errors, standard English diction and the conventions of punctuation. Summarize and paraphrase sources effectively and ethically.
•Revise essays to improve vocabulary, sentence structure, verb choice, and content. Eliminate colloquial wording and inappropriate wording.
•Revisions should demonstrate an effort to increase writing level.




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