Organization research

1.Based on the company Unilever, write an overview describing the sector it is in and its place in it. In addition, describe any issue(s) it faces/has faced currently or recently (e.g. a takeover bid, boardroom scandal, external pressures, declining market share, natural or man-made disaster).
Maximum word count: 200
2.Do a PESTLE analysis (considering the impact on the company of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental influences) OR a SWOT analysis (considering the organisation?s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) on Unilever. This will be based on research carried out in the library, from websites or from the media, and from the organisation?s own materials or publications.
Maximum word count: 200
3.Provide a cover letter for a Field Admin position at Unilever. You can see the job description in appendices.
Maximum word count: 500
Job Summary:
As a Field Administrator you will assist and verify timely and accurate completion of the order process; work closely with the Sales team to compile sales forecasts, bookings and revenue reports; act as liaison between sales, allocations, finance and shipping to ensure orders are booked, shipped and billed correctly; coordinate, plan and participate in sales manager meetings and events; and provide a wide range of administrative and coordinating support to ensure smooth operations. Good multi-tasking, strong analytical skills, communication, meeting planning, and organizational skills are crucial to providing support to the Sales organization. A self-starter with an out-going personality and who enjoys working with people will thrive in this environment.

Essential Functions:
– Assist and verify timely completion of the order process.
– Verify commission crediting and coordinate with departments regarding order status, shipping dates, prices, product availability and back orders.
– Resolve post order entry sales issues including: expedites, holds, reserves and changes.
– Coordinate with departments regarding order status, shipping dates, prices, product availability and back orders.
– Track, reconcile and report SRA’s, exchanges, and debooks; distribute and track splits.
– Create reports to support requirements of the Business Operations Manager.
-Analyze sales metrics and develop custom reports using available tools to help drive business strategy
– Provide administrative support to members of the Sales organization as it relates to the order process.

Job Requirements Requirements:
– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
– Excellent reporting and analytical skills.
– Ability to work with employees across functions and in remote locations.
– Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
– Ability to partner with other departments and interact effectively with employees at all levels of the organization.
– May have direct contact with customers when coordinating details of shipments and equipment.
– Attention to detail and follow-through is essential.
– Excellent time management skills with the ability to support simultaneous projects

Responsibility and Interaction:
– The types of tasks this individual is responsible for are a mix of regular and unstructured; and assignments are moderate in scope.
– Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices.
– This individual helps to identify semi-routine problems and generates possible solutions.
– The processes used to solve problems are clearly defined. However the uniqueness of each customer may require which course of action is best to take.

– This individual works in a matrixed environment and interacts with both their direct manager and the sales team on assigned projects; may work with functional peers on some tasks.
– Regular review of assignments and detailed direction is provided to them by their manager as well as the field sales teams.
– The ideal candidate actively contributes to team activities and goals using effective verbal and interpersonal skills to share their experience and ideas.



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