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Executive Summary and Company Description

I have project which is creating business plan for our company which online grocery. i am going to attach the project paper which called (Business Plan)

I want you to read Business Plan word document and understand the company and the business and I want you to do the following

1- Executive Summary (minimum whole one page)
2- Company Description
A. Company Name
B. Mission Statement/Objectives
C. Form of Business
D. Trademarks, Copyrights, and Other Legal Issues E. Products or Services
F. Management/Leadership
G. Location and Geographical Information
H. Development Stage
I. Milestones Achieved to Date
]. Specialty Business Information
K. Financial Status

I already did the company goals and vision

1-Executive Summery

2-The Company’s Goal:
The goal of our Quick Grocery Company is to establish itself as a leading, successful and innovative online grocery shopping company that provide the best grocery shopping and delivery service at an affordable minimum possible price to its customer.

2.2 Our Vision:
As an online grocery company, we look forward to gaining a high reputation in this flourishing online shopping market, by enabling the customers to shop from a wide range of superior quality products at an affordable minimum price, all at their fingertips.

3-Industry trend and analysis
Service on the Rise
Delivery services have been a rising industry since the turn of the century as a result of the fast growing economy and higher living standards. Sine Pizza Hut has implemented delivery service since 1999; sales have been increased by 3 times by summer of 2001. However, only fast food restaurants and pizza places have increasingly used delivery services while this type of service has not evolved and expanded to a new level. We think our business idea will transpose delivery services into a much broader and convenient service for our customers.

Projections and Evolving Industry
Our company’s objective is to provide bottom to top service for the daily demand of CSUN students and their family. CSUN has about 36,000 students.Thereare a small percentage of the students live with their family near CSUN, and most of the students rent apartments near the school. Therefore, daily grocery delivery demand is usually heavy, as most students don’t have the time to pick up grocery frequently as most of them are busy with classes and enjoying their leisure time. Out of the 36000 people on campus, we expect 70-80% of them will have continuing demand, which will provide continuing revenue to the service we provide. On top of providing grocery supply, there will be additional add-on service to enhance customer reliance and expand revenue.

Industry Opportunities and Competitiveness
The largest advantage we have in this business is that there hasn’t been a business in the same field that provides complete service, and therefore the entry cost for us will be relatively small. We expect a CARG (Compounded annual rate growth) for the first three years at 50% on a relatively optimistic level and 20% for the next 5 years thereafter. We think that the customer base will increase at a rate of 70% annually for the first two years.Moreover, since there has not been a dominant delivery service company in the past, it gives us a great competitive advantage on lower entry cost. Furthermore, this will also give us an edge on becoming a dominant leader in this industry.

Risk Analysis
The largest potential risk we see comes from the continuing increase in education cost. In California for the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the tuition cost in which the number of people can afford college has significantly decreased. The tuition fee has became a mainly burden for students and their family. If such environment were to persist, it would create a huge obstacle on the development of our business since our main targets are students and their family.

Long term Opportunities
The long-term outlook for the industry is to build a wide internet service web to increase the efficiency and popularity of delivery service. At the same, delivery services could be expanded beyond the scope of food and grocery industry. This industry could attract more products and be apart of every service providing industry ranging from wholesale to retail. This service will produce a much bigger market share as the economy and people’s reliance on technology continues to grow.
Market Description operates in the Northridge, California area. According to the website, the target geographic market location includes the Northridge area residential community and student apartments. In person, the geographic area includes the cities of:
? School campus
? Northridge
? Reseda
? North Hills
? Granada Hills
? Winnetka
? Canoga Park
? Chatsworth
? West Hills
? Porter Ranch


Market Size and Trends
The online store is large and growing market. People commonly and frequently use the Internet to shop online. Buying daily supplies online has become more convenient. According to research, in general, higher levels of education, income, and occupation of the head of the household correspond to a more favorable perception of shopping online. In addition, with the development of the Internet, more and more people are making purchases online. According to census figures, the city of Northridge and the surrounding cities have a population of approximately 360,540.

The city of Northridge and its surrounding cities have schools, residential areas and catering services. California State University Northridge is the largest employer in Northridge, with more than 4,000 employees and 36,000 students. In addition, there are more than 57,312 households in the city.
Located in the Northridge area are:
? California State University, Northridge
? Los Angeles Valley College
? Pierce College
? Los Angeles Mission College
? Northridge Hospital

The online store contains mainstream supermarket and local stores around the Northridge area. Customers use the Internet to order products, delivers them to the customer’s door, which is fast and convenient. High- and middle-income consumers will use the service because it saves them time. Mothers are often both office workers and housewives, so using saves them time and energy. Some college students will use it because they do not have cars or they like to stay in their apartments and are too lazy to go outside. Some rich families will use it, such as people who live in the Porter Ranch area, who must drive to the supermarket from their homes on the hill. In the near future, a great number of customers will use it often, then because isonline store, would attract some advertising investment. In the future, will provide additional product delivery services and obtain more customers.
Target Customers primarily targets middle- and high-level income groups such as office workers and families.
They are:
? Mothers who are both office workers and housewives
? White collar workers
? Middle-income families
? High-income families
? College and university students
? Disability
? Indoorsmen (people who spend a considerable time on indoor pursuits, such as computing, sleeping, and watching sports on television)

Strategic Opportunities
In the future, is planning to build up a long-term advisory relationship, set up more products on the online store and get more product from merchandise. will provide part-time jobs for college and university students to make deliveries and will let more people know about We will also work on building a supply chain and delivery system.


6-Strategic Position and Risk Assessment
Quick Grocery online company’s objective is committed to be a premier online shop for groceries in Nothridge area. Studies and our surveys have shown that people are increasingly consuming natural foods. The Company seeks to ensure that such goods are supplied conveniently. The main objectives will be:
• To use technology in modernize the market
• To provide an online market place where customers can buy goods like grocery at the click of a button on their computers.
• Establish convenient way to access the market
• Establish a platform where we can receive feedback from both customers and suppliers.
• Outline ways of minimizing operation costs.
The strategies developed for the Quick Grocery online company will effectively deal any challenges, and has been developed in consideration of the following:
• Industry trends
• The target market
• The competitive environment
• Strengths
• Risks
• Surveys
Industry trends
With technological advancement, the world has been turned into a global village. Consumers prefer shopping online as opposed to the traditional physical shopping. Online shopping is flexible, secure, and cost effective and requires less time. The number of people recommended for natural foods is growing significantly coupled with those having access to the internet.
Target market
Quick Grocery online company targets customers in the immediate neighborhood mainly large families and students living in dorms. Most of them have websites and unlimited access to the internet. They also buy products in large quantities, and are in the process of shifting most of their operations to the internet. Most of the anticipated clients have effective purchasing and procurement departments.

Competitive environment
The existing market players have not taken measures to shift their operations to the internet. They mainly retail within their localities and are mainly composed of farmers with little knowledge on the dynamic business environment. This will give quick grocery online company a competitive advantage because the Company seeks to establish a robust online presence. The Company will seek to hire experienced and qualified business executives. The initial capital is also expected to be comparatively low.
The Company will provide a quick way of purchasing products and this is expected to attract a good number of clients. Both customers and suppliers will be able to register and establish accounts with us and, therefore, communicate to the Company more effectively. Qucikgrocery online company will ensure quick and secure delivery to clients. Also the online company will ensure that the mode of payment is secure, and clients will be able to transact using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfers and Moneybookers. The strengths will enable the Company to establish and maintain high profit margins.





Operations Risks
Online business ventures are often challenging, especially to new comers. Websites also risk attack from hackers who can access a company’s system and interfere with essential components such as the payment system. Online trading allows one to do business with complete strangers who might be trustworthy or fraudulent. Being at the infant stage, getting highly qualified staff may be challenging due to high salary demands. Chances of staff turnover are also imminent should things fail to work as expected.
Capital and finance risks
The whole venture requires a substantial capital investment. The costs include purchase of computers, servers, soft wares and applications. Some challenges might be faced in the procurement of suppliers that meet the demands of the Company. Hiring of highly qualified staff requires a large capital that can only be secured through borrowing. Again, getting this credit is challenging and risky. The global economy is currently experiencing fluctuating exchange rates.
Other risks
Since the Company will primarily deal with agricultural commodities, adverse weather conditions may have a negative impact on supplies. Groceries may become expensive and scarce. It is expected that the market will take some time to respond and embrace the web based marketing approach that the Company will seek to use.
Strategic position
The Quick Grocery venture is profitable but it mainly faced by the cyber-crimes and global economic turmoil. The company will hire a team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. The staff will be involved in the designing of the website and will use all security options to protect the company.
The Company cannot ignore the presence of the competitors. Online Grocery will engage in aggressive advertising strategy in social media like Facebook and tweeter, popular television and radio shows among others. The company will also give free products in new markets. The products will be branded and also have certification from the World Food Organization (WHO), hence they will be internationally accepted.
After picking up, finance, capital and cash flow risks will not be a significant problem as the company expects the business to be lucrative. Customers will pay before goods are delivered and suppliers will be paid after delivery. This will eliminate cash crisis instances. However, some suppliers may insist on payments first, and we have entered into an agreement with a local bank to help in Local Purchase Order (LPO) financing. Credit will only be extended to reputable customers who deal with credible financial institutions.

Get Grocery Marketing Goal:
The Marketing Goal of our Get Grocery Company is to reach out and convey the message effectively to our potential target market and also spread the word through them to gain recognition among the mass and hence improve on revenue generation.
Companies Message:
We believe the USP’s (Unique Selling Point) of the service that our company offer is
? A Time and Money Saving option for the customers.
? The large range of variety offered for each product.
? The easiness of ordering and receiving orders.
Thus, our marketing strategy is focused on these USP’s to convey the messages important to get the interest of our potential targeted customers.
Thus, the messages that sent across through in our mass advertising campaigns will be
? Get grocery at your fingertips from wide range of stores.
? Save time, money and efforts.
? Great quality at lowest possible price.
The challenge that we face as a new company stepping in this market is that the concept of online grocery is not very popular among the mass although some companies exist in the market, but are not very recognized. Thus the marketing plan is more focused on getting our customers to understand the advantages of using our online grocery delivery service and also what makes us different than our competitors. Thus, our efforts through marketing will be to make the customers believe that we are reliable and also we offer a service which is a boon for them.
Our marketing plan is also based on the concerns of our customers in buying groceries online. Some of those concerns that we were able to accumulate through surveys data are:
? The quality of grocery.
? The reliability of delivery.
? The price.
? Offers in the stores.
? Returns
Thus, our marketing plan will also cover these concerns by focusing on the point that we are delivering the grocery from the stores they already buy from. The concern of returns can be addressed by offering the acceptance of returns through our service. We just provide them an option of different stores to get stuff they need, which would save them time, money and efforts.
Marketing Strategies:
Quick Grocery has a single-approach-multiple-follow up marketing plan. This is basically that the company will connect with its potential customer and that time will collect their contact information. Then the company will follow up with the customers to make them more familiar with our services by contacting through different means. Following table shows the details of our marketing strategies and break down of our $1000 budget for marketing.
Strategy Activities Goals Cost Involving Activities Approximate Cost
Distribution of Flyers Distribution of flyers on the university’s campuses and outside stores To grab attention of the people and make them aware of the company Printing Flyers $ 200
Direct Marketing Promoting the company through personal contacts and asking them to spread the word To promote the company among the known people and then building relations and gaining popularity Phone Calls $200
Online Marketing Search engine optimization with efficient website possessing effective keywords To be approachable to customers Website Development, Domain Purchase $ 100
Social Media Posting ads on social website like Facebook. Also contacting people through social websites and promote the company To grab attention of people through adds on social networking site, emails, etc. Posting add on social networking sites $ 100
Conducting Events Conducting game events on campuses of the universities and also inside stores offering gift coupons to promote Having game shows makes people interested and is a good opportunity to promote the company Gifts and Coupons, Game setup $ 200
Custom Emails Send emails as follow up’s to customers with promotional offers Follow up to make customers familiar to the company’s services Purchasing software to send customized emails $100
Gifts & Coupons Distribution of deals and coupons online and during events. To have customers to use the deal and impress him by service Coupons printing, Gifts $ 100

Following is a pie chart that shows the distribution of our marketing budget in percentages.

The marketing strategy is developed considering low cost and high effectiveness principle of marketing. We have planned our marketing strategies of two types i.e. physical and virtual. Physical strategies involve strategies like distribution of flyers, direct marketing, conducting events and distributing gifts and coupons. The physical marketing approach will help us promote the website at the same time will get us to gather the information of people which we can follow up by contacting them or sending them offers via email or mail.
Virtual marketing strategies involve the online marketing and social media strategies. This will be used as a tool to bring the company to the notice of the customer through ads on social networking sites, efficient search on the search engines and follow up email promotions.
The above mentioned strategies are developed keeping in mind the budget of marketing which we plan to keep optimal, to reach to our customers better and give them a great impression of our service so that they use it. Thus, these strategies will help us to reach to our customers in more than one way and make them aware of our website. Some strategies like organizing game events and giving aware free gifts and coupons are carefully thought off as they will to some extent force the customer to use our service. Thus, the marketing plan is full proof carefully considered plans which we believe will help us gain the reputation in the targeted amount of time.This will also hugely help us in increasing our revenues over the period of time.

Sales Strategies:
In order to get our sales higher, initially the company plans to approach the grocery stores to have them give out coupons on the back of the receipt which is in essence marketing. We will be in direct contact with the managers of the store and will try to establish priority on the stock of goods in the stores. Also we plan to have stores provide us extended return time policy which will enable us to offer better policies to our customers. This will help us to please our customers and hence improve on sales.
Additionally, we will also provide referral benefits to our existing customers, who will help us to get more customers and hence increase sales. Moreover, we will also have a provision for other stores to approach us and get into a contract with us and we will charge them a fee for that. This will help the store promote and at the same time help us enhance our sales revenues.
Based on our survey results, we predict that our marketing approaches will help us reach our customers better, thereby increasing our sales by approximately 50% in first year. Since we hope that the company will gain some popularity in the second year, we expect an increase in sales to 70% in the second year and consequently 75% in the third year. The sales are depicted using a bar chart as follows:

To give you a better sense of our plan, here are the screen shot of some of our marketing strategies.
Marketing Through Facebook:


Marketing Deals and Coupons on Quick Grocery:
8- Operations

The Quick Grocery website will provide quality service throughout the year. Operations play an important role in identifying the best approach to develop and implement a customer- friendly strategy.

Our operation costs mainly include the startup costs, the warehouse rental costs and the vehicle and gas expenses.

Startup Cost:

The startup cost part of the operation includes the cost required for the setting up of the website which is roughly around $60. The next is the amount required for buying the groceries because we will get paid by the customers only after the products are delivered. Hence these costs will sum to approximately $2000 for a start.

There are two types of deliveries that we are going to follow. One is the warehouse delivery and the other is the store based delivery.

Warehouse Delivery:

In the warehouse delivery type, we would rent a small warehouse were we can store products temporarily instead of getting it from the retail stores every time. The rent for the warehouse will roughly be around $1700 per month. The advantage of this delivery type is efficient picking and quick delivery. The efficiency and the time saving features of this method will be of value for the customers.
Store-based delivery:
In this delivery type, we pick up groceries directly from the existing stores and from the stores from which the customer wants the products. The expenses associated with this type are the vehicle and the gas expenses which will roughly be around $2000 a month.
The total costs for all our operations will sum up to $5760 with $60 for the website being and one time investment and the rest of the costs will vary according to the customer demands.

9-Technology Plan

Quick Grocery will use technology in some aspects in order to improve the efficiency in the areas of
• Marketing and Sales
• Operations
• Accounting
Marketing and Sales:
? Quick Grocery will use some technology to enhance its marketing and approachability to the customers.
? With the single-approach-multiple-follow up marketing plan, initially we plan to use technology to optimize the search engine to, software for customized emails and social media usage for online advertisements.
? The budget to purchase each one of the above mentioned technology is covered by our marketing plan.
? Our survey results indicate that 3 out of 10 people read such marketing advertisements and emails and 9 out of 10 people use search engines to search for most of the things.
? Thus, we expect that the use of above stated technologies will help us reach our customers better and will give us an opportunity to spread our business at lowest possible marketing cost.
? Since Quick Grocery is an online shopping company, there is a significant role of technology in company’s operation.
? Initially technology will be used in the aspects of website and its domain and most importantly security of payments made by customers.
? Following is the budget for the technology that will be used initially:
Technology Use For Approximate Cost
Website Development of website and buying its domain $50
Security of Online Payment To receive payment securely from the customers directly into bank $150
? Later as we start generating revenues, we consider purchasing hybrid vehicles to save on the fuel expense for deliveries.
? We believe that maintaining accounts of expenses, incomes and sales is one of the most important aspects.
? Quick Grocery will initially purchase efficient accounting software and reporting software with future usability in mind.
? The software will cost about $200 and are to be updated on a yearly bases.
10-Management and Organization

Management Summary
Our management team is comprised of people with decision-making capacity, good judgment, and also some years of experience in online store operation. Our philosophy is focus on the voice of customer and satisfies our customer faster. According to our organizational structure, we have a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Technology Officer, a V.P. Operation and a V.P. Marketing reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer. Sales manager will be contracted, part-time position staffing the customer support desk will be filled as needed and both reporting to V.P. Marketing.
Organizational Structure

Management Team
The Quick Grocery Company management team is composed of the President and CEO, the CFO, the CTO, the V.P. Operation, and the V.P. Marketing.
Key Employees
RamitShrivastav , President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Shrivastav is the Founder of Quick Grocery Company. His expertise is in Marketing, development of marketing strategy, and great perception of marketing trend.
Prior to founding Quick Grocery Company, Mr. Shrivastav served as assistant General Manager Marketing at, an IndianOnline shoppingE-commerce portal for Home, Lifestyle & Fashion e-retailer, for 1 year. His responsibilities included managing selling group, programming new product layout, and brand plan.
At Yebhi, Mr. Shrivastav had participated in creating long-term marketing strategy plan and this experience has given him a comprehensive background discerning changes of marketing and selling products.
Mr. Shrivastav owns 59% of the stock in Quick Grocery Company.

Jing Yang, Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Jing Yang graduated from China Central University of Finance and Economicand holds a Bachelor Degree in Auditing major. Ms. Yang joined Quick Grocery Company with primary responsibility for the company’s financial matters and internal control.
Prior to joining QuickGrocery Company, Ms. Yang had served as an internal auditor of China Huayang Trading Company Ltd. Ms. Yang’s experience in accounting and economics gives her an ideal background to be competent for the task from Quick Grocery Company.
Ms. Yang owns 15% of the stock in Quick Grocery.

Hani Daghistany, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Dahistany joined Quick Grocery Company with primary responsibility for the company’s website build and maintenance.
Mr. Dahistanywas instrumental in the development of the companies’ web and made it more visualization.
Prior to joining Quick Grocery, Mr.Dahistany has been an independent computer programmer as individual hobby for nearly 5 years. He has developed many game programs and got an extensive experience on computer programming.

MahalakshmiDhivya,V.P. MARKETING
Ms. Dhivya as V.P. marketing takes the responsibility for company’s marketing and sales activities.
Ms. Dhivya herself had an online-store in India. And her responsibilities for operating the online-store included procuring, market research, and communicating with customers. She had managing the online-store for 2 years prior to joining Quick Grocery. And the accumulated experience of marketing and customer service gives her the ideal background for Quick Grocery.
11-Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Quick Grocery business project is aimed at revolutionising the grocery business and the online shopping business. As a new business, we are committed to contributing positively to the society by saving time and money of our customers, thus by ensuring complete satisfaction of all its consumers. This new business recognizes the unique opportunity it has to market and promote its services through participating in community development programs. As a new business, this business has an objective of expanding and increasing its acceptance by the community. This is possible through implementing efficient programs that assist the community and contribute to the progress of the surrounding in which this business operates.

Company Philosophy:
As a new business, quick grocery is committed to having a positive impact on the community; this business has initiated and adapted the following philosophies:
o As a company, quick grocery will preserve integrity and diligence in all its operations and relations with the community. This is by researching the market extensively in order to provide its customers with the most affordable superior quality groceries.
o The company will critically and carefully make all its decisions by first and foremost considering how these decisions impact on the environment in which this business operates. Decisions made will take into consideration environmental conservation and the better goods of the community.
o This business will offer quality services and nutritional quality of products to all its consumers without relenting.
o Quick Grocery will operate ethically to ensure it does not benefit from exploiting the society in which it operates. This means it will make strategies to increase its profit margins bit still preserve honesty and integrity in the process.
o The company will actively participate in all activities that encompass Corporate Social Responsibility. This is by giving back to the society by taking an active role in all communal development programmes and initiatives.
o Quick Grocery will treat all its employees with respect and recognise their humanity. This is by fair remuneration and establishment of a suitable working environment.
Community Development:
In an effort to participate in community development, quick grocery company has set place efficient strategies to utilize all its strengths to make a contribution and give back to the community. The company has the ability to give back to the society by providing its consumers with healthy organic groceries. This will contribute to building good health of its consumers and build consumer loyalty. This business will take the initiative by only selling groceries from companies that provide quality products at an affordable price. It will do this by researching the market in detail to offer its customers with the best offers available.
Quick Grocery also plans at offering both organic and inorganic groceries to its consumers at affordable prices. This project will incorporate working with local farmers who run small grocery shops within their neighbourhoods. This project will be beneficial to both the business and society in the following ways; it will offer a unique business opportunity to the locals who deal in cultivation and sale of groceries. This will also increase the profit margins of this business. This is because local farmers sell their produce at significantly lower prices as compared to established grocery companies.

In assessing the impact of operations of this business to the environment, this company found out that the biggest opportunity to improve sustainability is by optimum utilization of new computer ideas that have revolutionized the business world. For this reason, this business will invest in educating young entrepreneurs on use of modern technology to develop their businesses. In addition to this, it will market small companies that deal in groceries. This is by ensuring that the majority of groceries sold by this company are from small companies that are trying to expand in this competitive field. Apart from marketing products of small companies and financing young entrepreneurs to computerize their businesses, this business will actively participate in nurturing young talent. This is by being actively involved in community initiatives that sponsor needy but promising students.
Long-Term Goal plans to grow steadily over the next 5 years , becoming a well know online delivery store and growth up to medium-sized in Los Anagele area online shopping market . The company will have 30 employees within five years and planning to have1 million sales revenue in the first year and 3 millions by next four years.
Strategy for Achieving Goals
Market Penetration: company will use concept of fast, fresh, and easy to gain a foothold in the market; and will introduce diversified product and have sufficient sales to sustain its initial development.
Promotion and Support: intensify the marketing by social network, and development of service and delivery system to increase sales and gain market share.
Expansion: basic on our website, company will development smart phone Application for our business, also characteristics of the market segmentation strategy, the introduction of a number of commodity series to meet different customer needs
Increase Focus: company will focus on delivery service: speed, fresh, and good quality to increase profit margin.
Diversify: in next three years, company will add closing, books, and electronics products increase the size and sales of the company.
Go Global: consider the long-term international opportunities
Refocus: company will refocus on procurement and transportation, reducing cost,extending the initial functionality provided by the service (based on the initial set of requirements) to make the service complete.
Future Milestones finance will began with small loan and families and between trusted friends, if not enough, we will focus on investors or other venture capitalist. Also we will hiring some experienced employees. In the future, we will provide part-time jobs for college and university student, at the same time is advertisement tool for the dissemination of information and image of enterprises, establish a corporate brand play an active role in promoting. Also we can partnerships with other website companies or advertisement companies to increase the popularity in the marketplace and share of the market.
Greater Expansion Plans
In the future, will development free applications on smart phones, smart phone is already being same part as internet become to part of people’s life, shopping applications on Apple and Android relevant to our online store we will get more sales revenues and share of market. Partnership with profession delivery companies(such as UPS, fedex) to expansion our service area.
Risks Associated with Expansion
Resource limitation: need build a great network security system to protect customers private information and credit card security. However, for the first year we send a lot of money for this part, it is necessary. We need to complete and check the security every quarters.
Emergence of Competitors:
For in next 5 years will development to diversification shopping online , for this form business already have some competitors existing, such as E-bay, Amazon they were on top position in online shopping market.
Exit Plan will be established as a speediness business for food delivery in the Northridge area and will cater to office workers and students. As a small start-up business, in our first year, our main focus will beto establish accounts and to earn a profit. As a local business, will become a likely target for mergers and will collaborate with other related companies. can also collaborate with local supermarkets, such VONS, Ralphs, and Galleria to operate online shopping and delivery services. Through these cooperation plans, can opt to receive cash or stock and will maintain its current management team while ensuring the best interests of the employees. In the long term, plans to collaborate with CSUN(California State University, Northridge), building a long-term relationship and providing part-time jobs for CSUN students. If this strategy is successful, will reduce business risks, establish sustainable development, and ensure return on investment.

Exit Plan options:
Acquisition:an existing company will buy, investors also can get benefits and receive cash or stock.
Sale: If have willing buyer or management goes, can bought by individuals.
Merging:If necessary, can join with existing company, such as Amazon, E-bay , and other companies, combined resources, keep current management stay, may receive stock or cash.
Close: End of operations. In case, if other exit all fail.

13-The Financial



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