Late Adulthood

Late Adulthood

Assignment Title: Choose either Late Adulthood or Early Adulthood
What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing behaviour through the life-span perspective for social work practice?Use either Late adulthood or early adulthood
Assignment Guidelines
Draw on an area of lifespan and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the developmental theories that relate to a particular service user group. Describe how this knowledge would increase your understanding of the service user and how this might affect your role as a social worker. Briefly Introduce life span theory and the focus on one group eitherLate Adulthood or Early Adulthood
Analyse the implications of relating developmental theories to your personal values and how this will support anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice outcomes.
Critically analyse the theory and the practice implications to formulate a conclusion that answers the assignment question.
The written assignment should be no less that 1700 wordsAll sources must be acknowledged using the Harvard style of referencing.Please use two references in each paragraph, Every paragraph should be supported by at least two references or more, You can use one reference if the paragraph is too small with less than 90 words.
Students are reminded that plagiarism and collusion are serious academic crimes. You should consult the course handbook for further explanation of these terms.

Very Important and Should be Reflected in the Essay
a) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the developmental factors that influence individual experience and which contribute to the formation of behaviour.
b) Demonstrate an appreciation of the impact of both positive and negative consequences of major life events and developmental processes upon the experience and functioning of the individual.
c) Demonstrate an understanding of the intervention strategies that social work/ social care can provide throughout key stages of the life cycle.
d) Awareness and sensitivity to issues of inequalities and power differentials and their application to different practice settings (anti oppressive/ discriminatory/ racist practice).
Please use the following reading and Journals listed below
Beckett, C. (2010) 2nd ed. Human Growth and Development to Psychological Introduction. Sage: London
Bee, H. (2002) 3rd ed. Lifespan Development. Collins: New York
Bond,J. et al. (2007) 3rd ed. Aging and Society. Sage: London
Bowlby, J. (1953) (1965 2nd ed.) Childcare and the Growth of Love. Penguin: Harmondsworth
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Cleaver, H. Unell, T. and Aldgate, J. (2011) 2nd ed. Children’s Needs – Parenting Capacity. The Stationary Office: London
Cooper,C. (1985) Border-Line and Bad Enough Parenting. BAAF: London (chapter from Adcock, A. (1985) Good-Enough Parenting – A Framework for Assessment. BAAF: London
Crawford, K & Walker, J. (2010) 3rd ed Social Work and Human Development Learning Matters
Davenport, G.C. (1994) An Introduction to Child Development. Collins Educational: London
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Johnson, J. and Seater, B. (eds) (1993) Ageing and Later Life. Sage: London
Lindon, J. (2010) Understanding Child Development. Macmillan: Basingstoke (1 e-book available in library)
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Thompson, H. and Meggitt, C. (1997) Human Growth and Development for Health and Social Care Hodder and Stoughton: London e-book ordered
Vasta, R. (1999) Six Theories of Child Development Jessica Kingsley: London Wrightsman, L. (1988) Personality Development and Adulthood. Sage: London

Please use some of these Journals
Journals (very useful for the most recent research and topical overviews)
British Journal of Social Psychology
British Journal of Social Work,
Community Care
Critical Social Policy
Disability and Society
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
Research Matters




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