Guidelines for Term Project

Guidelines for Term Project
• Discuss the applications of Goffman’s Frame Analysis focusing on a specific geographic area or environmental issue.

Expected content:
• Overview the use and meaning of frame analysis (specific reference to the required reading “The Environmental Goffman: Toward an Environmental Sociology of Everyday Life” is needed).
• Review the literature connecting frame analysis to wider social implications and socio-economic processes (course readings and other sources).
• Apply frame analysis to a specific geographic area or environmental issue (with support from bibliography).
• Critically evaluate the application to the specific case.

For Resit:
• Student will be asked to improve on the aspects and the Learning Outcomes that do not meet the minimum standards.

Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate understanding of the social dimensions of environmental issues and of the utility of social concepts in the analysis of environmental problems.
• Explain and discuss the role of socio-economic processes in affecting the environment and leading to present environmental problems.
• Demonstrate awareness of the wider social implications of environmental issues.

• The term project is due on Friday, February 22, 2012. Please follow carefully the progress of your work so that you will meet this deadline. No late projects will be accepted.

The organization has to be tight and arguments have to logically follow one another. Do not jump from one issue to another with no connection. Provide transitional sentences where needed to introduce a new concept.

The structure of the paper should be as follows:
• Title page: includes the title of the project, the student’s name, the course number and name (SO2002Environment and Society), the project due date, and the instructor’s name.
• Introduction: This is the statement of purpose (intent of paper). It refers to what exactly you are doing and how you do it. It presents in clear terms the topic of the paper and the order that the presentation follows. It should be about 2 paragraphs and it is at the very beginning, so the reader knows exactly what to expect. A good way to start is something like “This paper examines…” Hint: Write the introduction after you have completed the rest of the paper so it reflects the actual structure.
• Main Body: This section contains the discussion and analysis organized in logical order. Break down this section in smaller parts with a clear purpose for each one. Use subheadings for each of these parts. (For example, Theoretical Overview, Presentation of Issue/Area, Applications, Analysis). This helps you keep organized and assists the reader with the understanding of the arguments.
• Conclusion: This section must include two things. First, it starts with a brief summary of what the paper presented (a paraphrase of the introduction) and some major findings. Second, it contains the concluding remarks, such as personal insights, limitations of the study, etc.
• Works Cited: Identifies the literature which you have used; it must contain academic sources. Popular press, opinion articles (in print or electronic form), blogs, Wikipedia and are not considered to be academic sources.

You should adhere to the following technical requirements:
• Documentation: APA style; a guide is available at:
• Word length: 2,500 words (plus or minus10%); it is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the paper.
• Style: The project must be word processed, using Times New Roman, size 12 fonts.
• Submission: The project must be submitted both electronically and in paper copy.

The written project will be evaluated using the Evaluation Rubric for Paper Project – Level 5, a copy of which is available on Black Board.

Contribution to Final Course Grade
The project is 40% of the final course grade.

Originality and Authenticity
The rules of academic ethics apply when undertaking this project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually and solely by the student, the instructor will grade the project as an F.
• Please note: Projects are subject to electronic submission to Turnitinin orderto determine originality and authenticity.


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