Critical Appraisal Report (CAR) for business stimulation

complete this report by filling the detail as much as possible as a Critical Appraisal Report as the example in final report? Besides, you will need to go to website that I will provide you username and password to see the result how my group is doing in business stimulation due to it will need to explain why we do and what the result. I will upload the example file for you but my report you need to write according to what we invest in the business stimulation website. Inside that website there will be a lot of other group of student are playing it due to they need to do this kind of report as well. I got the instruction for deciding what to invest or what to put the money to, For this week, it was the sixth week (Round 6 in the website) to play. Here is the detail of the website: usename: password: siroch911 This is week in business stimulation website told me about

Market Condition:Demand
Robust market growth rates are expected to gradually decline over the next few years as the markets begin to mature. Europe is expecting a growth rate of roughly 15%, USA just under 20%, and Asia of over 30%. Recent market research implies that particularly Europeans are highly appreciative of the highest technologies. This comes along with the realization that Tech 3 has been a ?lemon? in the USA, according to Tecno Analytics.
Production costs as well as outsourcing costs are down this period in Asia. Outsourcing costs are up 2% worldwide. Meanwhile the government of Nepal announced that the population of gorillas is decreasing to near extinction. This is happening because the jungle where gorillas live is being destroyed while extracting tantalum, a crucial metal component in production of mobile phones. Together with the world wildlife foundation, the government of Nepal has been able to justify certain fees to mobile phone producers, which will reflect in the increased fixed costs for every production plant.
The Euro appreciates against the USD again. At the same time, RMB is gaining its strength against the USD, up almost 10% from last year. The US Federal Reserve reacts to signs of inflation by increasing the interest rates by half of a percentage point. Europe and Asia follow and raise their rates accordingly.

This week I will need to do the Critical Appraisal Report about Investment and R&D so you will need to mention about this in the website which I already provided it for you. Besides, you will need to see detail about the results of round 6. You will need to give a good presentation as in Example file named `Final Report? and need to explain in detail. This is the instruction of this work: GROUP PERFORMANCE REVIEW This forms part of your final report and it details your review of your team?s activities and results over the eight rounds. It has a maximum word limit of 2000 words. Your group performance review should be written using the format below. 1. Introduction 2. Overview of group activity and result -group overview -group activity 3. Discussion a. Qualitative review i. Teamwork ii. Commitment iii. Coherence iv. Leadership v. Impact of i-iv on team performance b. Quantitative review i. Decisions (key quantitative decisions in relation to objective. ii. Financial performance (Share Holder Return and Profit After Tax) iii. Interpretation of selected financial performance parameter iv. Contributory factors to ii and iii above 4. Conclusion

Please make sure that you emphasis about Investment and R&D very in detail. I also upload the example file name final report but that one it was only passed mark so I hope you can do better than that.



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