Clinical Examination Skills in Health Assessment

Clinical Examination Skills in Health Assessment

Discuss how you would carry out a comprehensive health assessment explaining the rationale for each aspect of the assessment process. use the following scenario to help you .( )
set the scene with overview of patient history ,Role of the nurse in health assessment-rationale for role development clearly outline the aim and objectives of assignment
Main body:
Detailed discussion of how you would carry out a comprehensive physical health assessment ,Give rationale for each aspect of the assessment process supported by relevant evidence based literature
Discuss differential or definitive diagnosis
summarise how the information gathered from your assessment contributed to the management of the patient in the scenario
please use the book with named (clinical skills -EDITED bu NIALL L. T. COX – T.A. ROPER oxford core texts
please use most the resources from internet journals to be easy for me to review
Mr. John White is a 30 year old who works as a plumber .Mr White has been experiencing chest discomfort on average twice a week for the past three weeks. He describes the pain as sharp , associated with taking a deep breath . It is particularly noticeable when working and driving .Mr White indicates that the episodes last approximately 20-30 minutes. He usually stops what he is doing takes a drink of water or as in the case of the last two episodes some ant acid tablets(Over the counter-Rennie) and Paracetamol 1g with no effect. On further questioning he indicates that the pain does not radiate. He doesn`t have any pain in his stomach or symptoms of heartburn. It is more of a nuisance during work and he hasn`t taken any time off. He has come along to the clinic as he is worried it may be his heart.
Mr White is married with two teenage children (13 years and 16 years).His wife has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer which has been very stressful for him and his children .He is a smoker trying to give up with the help of nicotine patches, however, with the stress of his wife`s diagnosis he began to smoke again three months ago approximately 10 cigarettes per day and has increased over the last month to 20-30 per day .He puts this down to increasing stress.
Mr White is a healthy 30 year old who plays football in his spare time and has no underlying chronic illnesses. He has not experienced breathlessness or pain when plying football. In fact he really looks forward to his weekly football session and feels good afterwards. He hasn`t been to his General practitioner in two years and signed up to the smoking cessation clinic eight months ago at his local practice . He stopped the nicotine patches when he began to smoke again and takes no other medication either prescribed or over the counter. He does not participate in recreational drug us or alcohol consumption.
Mr White indicates in his family history that his father had a heart attack aged 46 years and is also on medication for high blood pressure .His father is a smoker of some 30 years .His mother is fit and healthy. Mr White indicates that he is an only child and is concerned that he may have the same problems as his father. This is a further reason why he has attended the `Welll Men ` clinic for a check up.
please summarise this information of the family history of the Mr White and put it in the introduction and write the thesis statement





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