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Week 9 Activity POL 100

Activity: A Policy You Would Change
This brief activity will serve as preparation for your last assignment, which is due next week.

If you could change any U.S. domestic policy today, what would it be? For this activity, choose a policy you would like to change, submit a brief explanation of the policy you would like to change, and identify three references to support this policy change. This is the same policy you will use to write your Final Reflection assignment (due next week).

Your policy choice will need to be approved by your instructor before you begin your Final Reflection assignment. Approval will be provided through your rubric score for this activity, after it has been submitted. If your policy and/or references are not approved you will need to read the instructor feedback and provide an updated policy and/or references to be approved before submitting your final assignment.

Here are just a few examples of domestic public policies to choose from:<

International Security

The structure of power in the international system is almost always too ambiguous or uncertain to explain why war starts, how it proceeds, and why it ends.  We gain more leverage over understanding state behavior and international outcomes by looking exclusively within states themselves, at their leaders and/or institutional structure.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?  Discuss with extensive reference to course material.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Summarize the main features of both theories. What does each look at (independent variables) to explain urban policy decisionmaking (dependent variables)? What else does each theory say is important for understanding urban politics?
Features and flaws in both theories. What does the theory illustrate about urban life well? What does it miss? You may wish to think of this as what do you think of the utility of each theory: how useful is it for understanding, explaining, and predicting real world events?
For your critique you should review the authors readings where they have presenting their ideas (of course). But also review the readings from Week 3 which provide additional perspectives on these theories from other sources. You shouldn't need any outside resources for this paper - just the 7 readings assigned thus far, so you won't need a Works Cited page for this paper, but you should still use APA

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please Read the Attached Reading ( Second Treatise, Ch. 1-11; 14; 18-19) then do the following:

Please make a post offering at least two thoughtful and substantive questions, reflections, or comments  (QRCs) inspired by  the material below.

- At least one QRC must explicitly identify a passage( quote a passage and then respond to it) from the reading attached that you found intriguing, confusing, enlightening, etc. to lift up for consideration. You should quote the passage in full in your post along with a clear citation so others can easily find it in the text, and briefly explain your reasons for highlighting this passage this can come in the form of substantive questions about, interpretations of, or challenges to the ideas expressed in the passage.

For the second QRC, you may choose to lift up another passage, but you are not required to do so. Instead you may choose to offer a more general question about the ideas under consideration, a reaction

anne Phillips view

In "Must Feminists Give Up on Liberal Democracy?" Anne Phillips writes that "while liberal democracy has signally failed to deliver on its promises to women, it does not help to address these failings in terms of giving up on liberal democracy." Do you agree or disagree with Phillips' view? By drawing on the academic literature we have been studying in this course, please take a position on Anne Phillips' views. Make sure your answers are informed by and engage with the relevant course material. The average length of your original post should be around 400 words.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The Supreme Court heard a case two terms ago considering whether or not a baker has the right to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple if they have a religious objection. The state of Colorado alleges that the bakers actions violate state non-discrimination laws while the baker contends that his actions are protected by the first amendment.
The Court ultimately ruled in favor of the baker, but the ruling was narrow in focus and did not establish judicial precedent on the questions of discrimination and first amendment rights.
Your paper should not focus on whether or not gay marriage is morally correct or sinful. It should also not focus on whether it was morally correct or sinful for the baker to refuse service or whether or not the couple should have brought legal action against the baker. Were interested in the question of the law and constitutionality. Is Colorados law unconstitutional? Were the bakers actions protected by the constitution? Your position should speak to the

palestinian society and politics

Part A (75%):
Read carefully and answer all the questions.
Do not write more than two pages per answer. Subsequent pages will not be read. Three questions worth 25 points each = 75 points.
Part B (40%):
Read carefully! Define and explain each of the terms. Please do not write more than 10 lines for each term. Five questions worth 5 points each = 25 points.
Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, standard margins (2.54 cm / 1 inch).
You do not have to cite any texts, but if you do whether you quote them directly or summarize them you must include references. You may use any referencing style.
Answer in English only. Submit in PDF or Word.
i attached the assignment below where the questions are ,

Explain the sovereign paradox

Double spacing,
12pt Times New Roman
1 inch margins,
No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,
No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

Cite lectures and class readings where appropriate (stated in the parenthesis)
Do not use outside sources


Answer the following questions with the links provided

1.  In the article, Public Health Experts Say the Pandemic Is Exactly Why Protests Must Continue, which appeared in Slate on June 2, 2020, (link in folder), what connection do the public health experts who signed the open letter make between the pandemic and the need for mass protests against systemic racism?

2.  In the Carr Center Discussion Series report, Reimagining Social Movements and Civil Resistance in the Global Pandemic from April 17, 2020, (link in folder) what are some of the negative effects on social movements around the world that the three scholars believe will occur because of the pandemic, and give one example of a specific movement mentioned that might be affected negatively.  You may also find an example in the May 13, 2020, Nation article, Whats Next for Asias Social Movements? that i

Political Islamic Concepts

In one or two sentences, provide a definition/description of the following concepts. You can use online resources to complete this assignment.







Ibn Arabi






Muhammadiyya (Indonesia)




Rashid Rida


Shia theory of Imamate

Twelver Shi'ism



Ahl al Sunna

AKP (turkey)

Ennahda (Tunisia)