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the report is based on a simulation business strategy game, played on (the log in details are “” and password is “melyssa”. you will see the profile and all the financial statements and decisions that the company has done and the course guide of the course says: You will write a reflective and analytical Report on your decision taking experience year on year for six years as well as comments on the degree of success achieved in comparison with your competitors. Your analysis should be based upon cognitive models and tools of strategic analysis. You must demonstrate that you have grasped the significance of the concept of Generic strategy and that you can display, manipulate and use complex data streams in pursuit of argument. Remember that you are competing in a Global Market, thus you must show that your decisions are consistent with your strategy. If your business succeeded or failed, you must explain what led to the success or failure. Show proposals to turn your company around if it failed and show how you will sustain success if your business succeeded. Include reflections on the challenges of working in teams and how you coped with them. You should provide evidence that you have developed some Business Acumen and can think strategically. Issues to explore: 2. What decisions were made during the course of the simulation and why? a. Now this really is the challenge. For each year you have to highlight the key decisions you made and why you made them. b. Show the results of these decisions and how you responded for the next decision round. At this point you should consider how to manipulate and present data. There is no need for a dense narrative comprising words and figures just sprayed out. c. Identify and show the critical point data in your narrative with reference to the more substantial data offered in support but presented in the appendices. d. Number the appendices please. e. After each round show how you have performed and how well you are doing against the competition. f. Do not forget the competition because many decisions will be made in response to how well they are doing. g. Repeat this cycle at least 5 times 3. How closely did the decisions your firm take match your initial strategic direction? Was it possible to stick to the strategic direction chosen? If not then why not? 4. What were the final results of the simulation exercise? Please remember that marks will be given to reward success. So, write about how well or indeed how poorly you performed. Your reflections and self appraisal of either success or failure will be rewarded 5. What underlying strategic principles were evident in the results and process of the simulation? I.e. what kinds of outcomes arose from decisions you made and strategies you adopted? 6. What did the simulation reveal about business strategy? 7. What have you learnt from the use of games to learn?




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