Athletic Director at State University


You are the new Athletic Director at State University and you are charged with the task of creating a fund-raising model from scratch.
-Begin the project by describing the need for fundraising and importance it has in running a successful athletic program.
Writer please look up importance of fundraising in athletic departments to add needed material:
Fundraising is the backbone to athletic departments without it, you have cannot operate (esp. if you are self sufficient). In order to be successful athletic department, to have the ability to hire the best coaches and provide the best student-athlete experiences, you must have an efficient long-term strategic fundraising plan. Fund raising helps to upgrade athletic facilities, provide computer labs for student athletes, tutors, and keep up with other schools in terms of recruiting.
Fund raising money and results on the field have gone hand and hand
The Money Behind College Athletic Programs
Those web sites are a few examples of what the money is used for and the big time programs ability to make money
-Go into detail on the fund-raising process you will implement and the staff you will need to hire to accomplish your goals.
I believe that every fundraising process is different based upon the needs of the donor. Each donor is unique and should cultivated in a distinctive manner that fits their needs.
A strong emphasis should be placed on hiring personable, impactful, outgoing and experienced staff. I think these are some of the most important staff members within your athletic department outside of coaches. One thing I would emphasize and this is something that a lot of development dept. do not even realize, is the importance of hiring at least one if not several former student-athletes who graduated from your institution. To me it is common sense, hire a former football player who was standout and the donors will instantly connect with him and trust him which is half the battle. Once a donor makes a personal connection with either the institution or the individual fundraiser, they believe it it/him/her and want to invest in the athletic fundraising began as an extension of the general fundraising department. My point here is that there is a continuous hiring of athletic fundraisers who never played a college sport and they are hired based upon their experience as opposed to the potential connection they could make because of the dedication and commitment they have already shown to that institution.
Example: A 75 year old millionaire is giving to an athletic department because he wants to see student-athletes succeed on and off the court….is he going to give to some average Joe is fundraising because its his job and he simply likes getting money OR is he going to give to a former basketball player, who has possible already received the benefits from this same donor as a SA and someone who has proven their self to be successful after graduating.
That being said: Most athletic departments are modeled the same. Writer the web site i give below basicall gives the structure of the University of Cincinnati’s program. Model the papers program after this one, but obviously change out the Cincinnati stuff.

-Create a full annual giving program complete with benefit details for each level. Use this web site to complete the details for each level as well.
-Plan events that will help supplement this annual giving program.
I would set up a spring tour of banquets/receptions throughout the state and/or area. Invitees are those who have given a certain amount to the athletic department. Special guests at these events include head coaches of major sports in addition to student-athletes (SA are key here and not a lot of people realize this), have a golf outing during the day (special guests participant as well) and then have a dinner at night where each coach will speak about their upcoming season. I would focus here on special guests being from mbb and football because they get the most attention and of course women’s basketball. Again these events may only make sense in areas that lack major cities Also i would like to implement a call system to supplement this annual giving as well. similar to Michigan state ill supply the web site below.
-Detail the facilities you feel needs to be added to campus in order to give your prams the best opportunity to compete and describe how you will fund these facilities.
Needed facilities will be an indoor football practice facility that will be paid for by raising funds in multiple ways. Major gifts from donors, fund raiser specifically for the indoor facility. plus dedicate a portion of athletic ticket money to the facility,
– Describe how you will incorporate planned giving into your fund-raising needs
One of the easiest and most important ways to support the UCATS is by remembering UC Athletics with a planned or deferred gift. You can support the Bearcats with a living memorial for yourself, your family, or a former coach or friend of UC Athletics while you are making the future stronger for the Bearcats. Planned gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Please contact UCATS to discuss various planned giving options which can benefit you and your family.

Gifts through wills and bequests can provide an opportunity to sustain your family name in conjunction with the UC Athletics program. If you have instructions to leave UC Athletics a gift through your estate planning program, please let the UCATS office know so we can properly acknowledge your contributions today.

Charitable trusts offer an opportunity to make a substantial gift to UCATS without forfeiting the annual income produced by these assets. You retain income for your life, and the life of your spouse, and the corpus of the trust account is transferred to UCATS upon the death of the surviving spouse. This gift can also be structured to create a substantial tax break over a period of years. Through the creative process of planned giving, incorporated within your comprehensive estate plans, you can fulfill philanthropic goals, reduce income taxes, avoid capital gain and estate taxes, retain a life income, increase spendable income, or reduce the costs of estate settlement. You can enjoy the rewards of a planned gift, while also helping UC Athletics.
– Define the amount of sponsorship you intend to sell and how you will acknowledge sponsors throughout campus facilities.
Sponsorship with a shoe company, that will be reflected on team uniforms, and facilities with signage.$250,000 from Nike plus apparel is standard my athletic department will be seeking.




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