Assignment – part 2

Assignment – part 2

Overall 2,000 words available for your written report. So use the words available wisely.

You will need to include a brief introduction to explain what you are setting out to achieve in your report. You will also include a section at the end to include how your selections are relevant to the module and also a section on the learning points you have gained from your research and study. See page for the marking scheme.

A) Write-up of your seminar presentation (approx 500 words)

Write an account of your seminar presentation to explain the theory of entrepreneurship put forward by the author you have selected. Include your seminar slides in the appendix to your assignment submission.

In this point Last week I had presentation and my topic was about Peter Drucker : Innovation and Entrepreneurship 1986.
B) Write and explain your own definition of entrepreneurship (approx 500 words)

Make your own definition of entrepreneurship and explain its context. Tell us what inspires you to learn from successful entrepreneurs and how you would like to make your own definition of what entrepreneurship means to you. You can explain your thinking behind the definition that you make.


C) Entrepreneurs Biography (approx 500 words)

The biography element will concentrate on you selecting an entrepreneur and writing a how they match up with the entrepreneurial characteristics and behaviours studied during the module. Everyone will do a different entrepreneur or enterprising person. So you will need to register your choice with Tim Savage and failure to do so will result in you failing this element of assignment.
D) Enterprising activity selection (approx 500 words)

Select one item from the list and write-up your thinking behind the selection you make. Explain your thinking for the item you create.
1. Produce atwo page press release for a new business venture or product/service idea.

2. Produce a database of enterprise activities – research on local small businesses.

3. Make a flier or poster to advertise a new business service or product you can devise. This might come your own ideas for a new business your would like to introduce.

4. Make a diary room entry over a 30 day period showing how you have been enterprising.

5. Make a 3 minute enterprise video and upload it to YouTube.

6. Make-up a photo gallery with a minimum of 10 photos maximum 14 photos to depict an entrepreneurial journey and explain the journey.

7. Identify and detail examples of corporate entrepreneurship.

8. Document an enterprising activity thatyouhave taken part in during the last 12 months

9. Identify some famous quotes you like and explain their context to being enterprising and motivating.

10. Design and plan an enterprising event or competition. Detail what resources would be needed for the event to take place and who it would be targeted at.

11. Research business start-up opportunities in countries outside the UK

N.B. Include a list of references used for all elements of the assignment 1 – part 2. Cutting and pasting information is not allowed and will be dealt with in the appropriate way.

Throughout this module you will have been referring to work of other people or organisations. This must be properly referenced as the markers may wish to consult the original text. It is essential to cite ALL sources of references and to acknowledge works which have been consulted because this provides evidence of the route your have taken in your project planning and enables the markers to consult the original work.

In the text you should refer to pieces of work using the Harvard System of referencing.
Tom Monaghan


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