The Islamic group, the Taliban, are characterized by all of the following,

1) The Islamic group, the Taliban, are characterized by all of the following, EXCEPT:
A) they are a communist backed group
B) they are a Pakistani movement
C) they are a fundamentalist religious group
D) they are similar to Christian fundamentalist in that they interpret their holy book literally
2) Germany’s goal of creating a great Aryan empire under Adolf Hitler resulted in which war?
A) The Great German Revolution
B) World War I
C) World War II
D) Europe’s 100-year War
3) In the chapter on war, the weapon that has enough firepower to destroy every major city in the world is ________.
A) the U.S. Trident submarine
B) the U.S.S.R Target Missile Launcher
C) the intercontinental ballistic missile
D) the hydrogen bomb

4) In the chapter on war the text refers to a “world on fire”. This refers to:
A) many small conflicts around the world
B) nuclear holocaust
C) total war
D) war using chemical incendiary devices
5) Sanctions imposed on a country, according to the textbook primarily hurt ________.
A) the poor who are unable to get food, medical care, or other basic necessities
B) the rich elite of a country who can no longer buy luxuries
C) the government who loses legitimacy and capital
D) the business in the country that can no longer produce goods

6) Kingdoms and nations throughout the history of the world were formed by ________.
A) natural landforms such as oceans or rivers
B) conquest and war
C) tribes overtaking lands farmed and used by shepherds
D) a powerful leader who declared divine rights to land

7) When modern nation states were formed, what was the first thing that the leader united around?
A) symbols such as the flag
B) language
C) religion
D) enemies

8) In the 1990s as nation-states were splitting into smaller nation-states, which characteristic did the new nation-state form around?
A) race and ethnicity
B) social and economic class
C) economic development
D) relationship with the original power

9) What one trend has shaped the last century more than all others?
A) the rise of socialism and communism
B) the rise of global unions
C) the rise of military dictatorships
D) the rise of democracy

10) According to the textbook democracy ________.
A) is difficult to maintain in times of stress such as war
B) pre-dates kings and monarchies
C) has many problems
D) all of the above

11) Rule by a powerful elite is known as ________.
A) oligarchy
B) monarchy
C) democracy
D) republic

12) The key problems of governments throughout history have been ________.
A how to select leaders that won’t turn into tyrants
B how to balance competing interests and have a profitable country
C how to implement democracy while remaining militarily strong
D how to select capable rulers and balance power
13) Which philosopher’s arguments became the basis of the Declaration of Independence
A) Plato
B) Locke
C) Rousseau
D) Hobbes
Question 14
14) All of the following are examples of ethnocentrism, EXCEPT:
A) A husband believing his way of thinking is superior to his wife’s.
B) An African believing his/her way of child rearing is superior to American ways.
C) A white person who dislikes music that sounds too “tribal.”
D) A person who believes women who wear veils are unhappy and oppressed.

15) Agrarian societies tend to believe in ________.
A) one god, as in early Christianity
B) the natural world such as wind, earth, or animals
C) a collection of named gods, often with a ruling god
D) goddesses instead of gods

16) Buddhism originated from which religion and country?
A) Hindu, India
B) Confucius, China
C) Islamic, Pakistan
D) Christian, Philippines

17) Which religion shares many of its main ideas with Christianity?
A) Taoism
B) Islam
C) Hinduism
D) Buddhism

18) According the textbook fundamentalist religious movements throughout the world represent ________.
A) a small fraction of people who will do anything to have religion dominate social life
B) a global hunger for a more stable and more moral social order
C) declining religious movements that are being replaced by globalization
D) people who believe that governments should represent God’s laws

19) The main problem with fundamentalist movements, no matter what faith they are rooted in, is ________.
A) they are fundamentally repressive and undemocratic
B) they are gaining more power than governments
C) they are almost all involved in violent terrorism
D) they are racist

20) In the United States Jews and Italians, originally considered non-white, came to be defined as white because ________.
A) they were gradually accepted into the world of the more privileged
B) through intermarriage their skin became more similar to other people of European ancestry
C) since they were not black, they were eventually placed in the white category
D) they always labeled themselves as “white”.

21) Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Al Axa Martyrs Brigades all share what in common?
A) They are supported by Palestinians who may not share their agenda
B) They want an independent Palestine
C) They seek the destruction of Israel
D) All of the above

22) The power of terror ________.
A) lies in its ability to grab headlines and command attention
B) is in its ability to create change for oppressed peoples
C) lies in its creativity and direct action against the government
D) is nonsensical as there is no power in terrorism

23) Why has white or light skin been the color of privilege across the globe?
A) 500 years of European colonialism and domination
B) Invasions of Africa by Arabs
C) Invasions of India by Aryans
D) All of the above

24) Which of the following characteristics are encompassed in the term “ethnicity?”
A) a common heritage
B) a common language and cultural practice
C) a common heroic ancestry
D) All of the above

25) Which of the following is the definition of race that began in the 1600’s?
A) A collection of tribes or ethnic groups.
B) A group of people with common physical and maybe psychological characteristics, due to their common origins.
C) People with the same physical characteristics like skin color within a given country.
D) People, while all homo sapiens, are different species.

26) Which city has served as the meeting point of what is considered the “East” and “West”?
A) Hong Kong
B) Singapore
C) Sao Paulo
D) New York

27) The largest mass migration in human history is ________.
A) the movement of Africans to Europe and the United States
B) the mass movement of Latin Americans to North America
C) the mass movement of rural Chinese to urban China
D) the movement of smog across the Pacific Ocean

28) The first truly global world city was ________.
A) London

29) Paris, France and Milan, Italy are known as ________.
A) cities in decline
B) culture capitals
C) manufacturing powerhouses
D) centers of film and international media

30) The theorist who believed that city residents became withdrawn and indifferent due to the overwhelming stimuli of a city was ________.
A) Georg Simmel
B) Herbert Gans
C) Robert Park
D) Emile Durkheim
31) African American segregation in cities is lessening due to ________.
A) new immigrants moving into African American areas of cities
B) desegregation policies created in the 1960s
C) an upwardly mobile large middle class within African American communities
D) all of the above

32) Gentrification refers to ________.
A) creation of convention centers and urban shopping malls to attract tourists
B) creating sustainable cities that will allow people to thrive in a future with scarce resources
C) reclaiming cities as livable, exciting, and pleasant spaces
D) people with money moving back to select urban neighborhoods, refurbishing buildings and displacing the poor who live there

33) Each of the following are problems associated with population growth, EXCEPT:
A) forests and many species are disappearing
B) life expectancy is diminishing
C) farmland is eroding
D) water is diminishing
E) cities are overcrowded

34) The country with the largest net loss in population is ________.
A) Russia
B) China
C) Afghanistan
D) Iraq

35) The first great wave of migration in history was ________.
A) Europeans moving to the Americas, Africa, and parts of Asia.
B) Africans moving to the Americas (first by choice, then by force).
C) Latin Americans moving to North America.
D) Northern Asians moving to Southeast Asia.

36) According to the textbook the most dangerous part of traveling is:
A) the transportation of dangerous microbes
B) the reality of terrorism
C) running afoul of the law in another country
D) crime

37) According to the text Japanese and Americans both have a strong sense of ________ that limits their response to social problems.
A) exceptionalism
B) patriotism
C) nationalism
D) individualism

38) The development of ________ allowed the creation of the World Wide Web.
A) cell phones
B) transistor radios
C) personal digital assistants
D) hypertext markup language

39) Six of the ten richest multibillionaires are in what field?
A) Technology (as in Microsoft)
B) Retail (such as Walmart)
C) Media (as in AOL-Time Warner)
D) Fast Food (as in Taco Bell)

40) Economy of scale refers to ________.
A) more volume under mass production can lower costs
B) niche markets of products not found anywhere else in the world
C) mass marketing of mass produced products to encourage consumption
D) creating new and viable alternative uses for items that can be mass produced

41) One of the world’s greatest killers is ________.
A) contaminated water
B) polluted air
C) pesticide-filled food
D) radiation from nuclear experimentation

42) The loss of rain forest is a major concern because ________.
A) it is some of the most diverse land in the world
B) there are many animal species that have nowhere left to go
C) the soil is thin and turns to brick in the sun
D) all of the above

43) Ecotourism is ________.
A) touring poor neighborhoods in foreign countries
B) taking tourists to remote locations such as rain forests
C) volunteering to help the environment over spring break
D) touring places with different economic systems

44) The three grains that feed almost the entire world are ________.
A) corn, oats, and wheat
B) rice, wheat, and corn
C) oats, barley, and rice
D) wheat, rice, and barley

45) The world’s foremost arms and weapons supplier is the United States.
True False
46) Jihad refers only to religious struggles against the modern or Western world.
Answer True
47) Fundamentalists are found in Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions.
True False
48) The great cities of the past were all located in Europe.
49) The United States leads the world in overall health, quality of life, and life expectancy.
50) The distance between those who understand and have access to technology and those who do not is called the digital divide
Answer True
Question 51
Describe the features of a clean, sustainable, livable planet and what can be done to encourage others to care about the quality of life of people throughout the world. (Use research and arguments in your text to answer this question).


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